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The bonus room is a great feature for any home, especially those with children. It’s an extra room in the house that can be dedicated to the kids and all their toys. A room where the kids can play and not have to worry about breaking anything else in the house. A room where you can close the door to it all at the end of the day and pretend that the mess doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately, it can also become a room too overwhelming to tackle.

The Cottsbrooke residence, home of 3 young boys, was in desperate need of de-cluttering their bonus room, which had turned into an “off loading” area for toys and junk. The client had this to say about their space, “Our bonus room has been a source of contention for a long time. Boys are getting older and we need the room to transition into something more usable for them. But I can’t even begin to organize it!”

playroom organization

Bonus room organization Playroom organized

Can you spot the pool table? This corner of the room was filled with 4 to 6 bins that were filled with big toys, small toys, toy parts and pieces and then some!

bonus room organized

The last of the bins to sort…..the chaos before the calm!

toy clean out

This bonus room has a walk in closet that needed to be cleaned out as well. The floor was covered with more toys, papers, games and bags.

Closet organized

After going through all the toys, games, pieces of toys, etc we finally had a space to work with. We were able to bring up the boys’ desks, computers and bookcase which had been downstairs in another room. The bonus room is now a place where the boys can be on their computers, hang out playing video games, build legos, play games and just be boys!

Here is the Cottsbrooke Bonus Room Simplified:

Playroom organizedPlayroom organizedHome organization

Remember the corner of the room that was overflowing with bins and toys?

Kids desk space

The Legos now have a home too.

Lego organization

The other desk area.

child desk

The closet has been Simplified too and can now store all their games, puzzles and crafts.

Closet game organization


The room looks sooooo good! I was so happy to come home to such a clean and organized space. The boys were very happy about it too! Thank you so very much for coming to help us.

If you have a bonus/media room that has fallen to the wayside and you’re wanting to take it back, give Simplified Home a call today.