Butler's Pantry Decluttering
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Sansome Kitchen – Part II

To recap from part one of this kitchen organization project, the busy mother of four children referred to her kitchen as the “hot mess express”.  This area of the kitchen had become an area for dumping school papers, projects, miscellaneous items and craft supplies. We transformed it into a functional space designated for the children’s papers and craft supplies.

Kitchen organization kitchen organization

The next area of the kitchen that needed help was another counter that been accumulating paper. This pile consisted of mostly mail that had been opened but had nowhere to go.

Butler's Pantry Decluttering

cluttered counter top


The top and bottom cabinets were not in any better shape. The top cabinets is where medicine and vitamins are stored and the bottom cabinet was filled with kid cups and paper and plastic goods.

Kitchen paper organized


We started by going through all the papers and sorting them into appropriate categories and moved them into the office. Once the counter space was cleared off we emptied out all the medicine and vitamins and tossed anything that had expired.



We moved the cups to a better spot in the kitchen, closer to the refrigerator and where her younger children still have easy access to them.

cabinet organization

We now have a designated area in the kitchen for mom where she can put her open mail in a paper sorter, keep track of coupons, store miscellaneous paper items and charge her phone.

kitchen organization


Another picture of the before and after transformation.

Kitchen paper organized

Some more drawer organization was also completed.





Drawer organization



I feel so much lighter and even better. I have to keep my before pictures because I never want to go back to that chaos! Thank you so much! Caryn

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