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When this client told me she hadn’t seen her closet floor in years, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Maybe some things on the floor that just needed to be put away or a quick sort of items and it would be back to normal. I mean, how bad can one closet be?!

This closet is a second closet for the master bedroom. The other closet is used for clothes and this closet had become the dumping ground for ALL other things. I actually had an “oh my!” moment when I opened the door, but then quickly  got excited to dig in and start cleaning it all out. The closet was stuffed and the pile was almost as tall as me and was deep. And by deep, I mean packed to the back of the closet and high with 13 years worth of treasures.

This client and I had many, many laughs as we sorted through her things and traveled back down memory lane and there were also times we wondered “how did that get in here?”

closet before

closet mess

closet mess


After 3 hours we had made significant progress! We could see the floor and just had to finish with the back of the closet and the shelves. Which sounds a lot easier said than done!

These piles are what was on the shelves. Lots and lots of papers and personal memorabilia to sort through.

closet clean out

closet clean out

paper clutter closet clean out


closet clean out

We found her Blockbuster card from 1998. Good thing she hasn’t needed that in a few years! Another bonus about cleaning out spaces is we found gift cards that hadn’t been used and cash. It’s like she was being paid to clean out her closet!

blockbuster card


We also had some laughs about how many bags she has accumulated over the years. She has ALL kinds of bags, paper bags, store bags, purses, back packs, day bags, overnight bags, diaper bags, etc. My guess was there were  probably at least 75 bags. She is definitely ready for any bag situation that comes her way! She did pare down and kept only the ones that she uses all the time.


lots of bags

We ended up donating 15 30- gallon garbage bags to Good Will and had another 8 30- gallon bags of garbage. Can you believe all of this came from that one small closet?

garbage bags

clean up

Today the closet is practically empty and is organized with extra craft supplies and other items that don’t get used often, but can easily be found.

closet clean up

Closet organization

closet organization

Closest organization closet clean up

THANK YOU for everything!! I just can’t say enough about how amazing you are! Thank you for making at least one little part of my life organized. I truly appreciate you. – Kathy

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