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I was super excited to get to work in this beautiful closet and unfortunately I now have a bad case of closet envy!

This client had recently moved into a new home and needed some help putting the finishing touches and tweaking her closet. There was not a lot of purging to do since she had done the majority of that when she was packing to move.

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closet makeover

closet organization


The first thing we did was rearrange her clothes into different sections that made more sense; pants and tops all together and organized on one side. Long sleeve and short sleeves on the top and tanks on the bottom with the pants.

shoe shelving

On the other side of the closet we hung sweaters on the top and all athletic tops on the bottom. Dresses, skirts and more formal outfits were hung together in one section. We collected all her purses and put them all on one shelf above her dress clothes.


closet storage




On the back wall in the center of the closet are built in shelves and drawers. Baskets are a great solution for storing clothes such as athletic pants and tops.

Closet Shelving

And we can’t forget the shoes, look how gorgeous these shoe shelves are for storing/displaying shoes. We emptied the shoe boxes that still had shoes in them and put all the shoes on this shelving, and then tossed all the shoe boxes. For some reason, some of us feel like we need to hang onto shoe boxes just in case we need a box for something or a school project. Toss the boxes if you have other shoe storage, you can always find another box or it’s a good excuse to buy another pair of shoes if you need the box!

Shoe Shelf organization

In case you were wondering, her husband has his clothes in this closet as well. He even has his own set of shelves and drawers! His clothes were on the other side of the closet and didn’t need any organizing.

One last look at the beautiful space!

Closet Organization Closet makeover

When I walk in my closet, I just stand there and look! Amazing what a little bit of organization makes!!! – Dawn

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