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Prestwoods Kitchen Part I

Are you ready for another amazing before and after transformation?!

I really love a good mess. I know I’m odd, but I think it must go with the itch to want to organize. I like diving into it all and turning the space into something completely different than what we started with. I always get excited with my clients when we start chipping away at the mess. So when I saw this kitchen and what was behind all the cabinet doors, I was really, really excited to work on it!

This cabinet section consists of a small counter space and cabinet above and a full pantry on the side. Kitchen makeover


Kitchen cabinet clutter

The cabinet above the counter contained cookbooks, glasses and a bunch of other miscellaneous items.

kitchen cabinet clutter

The counter held a coffee maker and “important” papers… I was told that the coffee maker was actually used to make coffee occasionally.

kitchen counter mess

kitchen counter cllutter

And the cabinet underneath the counter held an assortment of appliances.

appliance clutter

The pantry to the side, well, that was packed with just about everything you could imagine and some food!

pantry clean out

Pantry clutter

Kitchen cabinet clutter

pantry mess

This pantry has great storage potential and is very, very deep. I could not believe how far back it went and how much stuff I kept pulling out of it. We found a copy of her Middle School handbook from the 1980’s. Isn’t that where everybody keeps their Middle School handbook?! At first I thought it was one of her children’s handbook, but then realized it was hers. We had some good laughs about finding it in her pantry.

kitchen organization

Bonus! We found another gift card that hadn’t been used!

After some good laughs and some hard work, this kitchen area now looks like this.

Counter space is cleared off and the coffee maker is easily accessible.

kitchen organization

Cabinet above has been decluttered and organized.

kitchen cabinet organization

Small appliances have been organized and stored better.

appliance organization

The pantry is cleaned out and organized and consists of food and not middle school handbooks and other papers and miscellaneous items.

cabinet makeover

These Lazy Susans are ideal for using in a pantry. They allow you to easily see what items you have and you don’t have to dig through a stack of cans.


Pantry organization

These food storage containers are perfect for storing flour, sugar, etc.

pantry storage

kitchen cabinet organization pantry organization

The top section of the cabinet contains plastic ware and extra storage items and a basket of baking items.

pantry organization

Oh, and the drawer was organized too. I did not take a picture of what it looked like before, but this is what it looks like now. It holds pens, pencils, scissors and other “desk” like items.

kitchen drawer organization

One more look at what this kitchen area looked like before and what it looks like now.

Kitchen cabinet mess pantry storage


appliance clutter appliance organization


Stay tune for more to come on this kitchen organization project! This was just one side of the kitchen we tackled.

Do you have a space in your home that needs organization help? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I will work one on one with you to get it organized and working for you. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home.