closet mess before
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Prestwoods Closet 2

This large closet has two functions. It is located off the bonus room which is being used as a bedroom for a teenage girl. Since it is in the bonus room, it also stores the family games and had become another place to toss bins and other “stuff” into. I wanted to make this a space that the teenager could use and easily find and hang her clothes, as well as a place to store the family games.

This is the view looking into the far right side of the closet. Most of the games were stored on this end of the closet, however they were not easily accessible due the all the items in the way and on the floor.

closet cluttercloset clutter

This is the left side and center of the closet where the teenager keeps her clothes and shoes.

Closet clutter closet mess before closet chaos

We actually worked on this closet while the teenager was away. It was kind of a quick, “let’s surprise her and clean out her closet” idea. We once again pulled out plenty of items that did not belong in there and lots of items that hadn’t been used in a very long time.

And of course we discovered more old memories. This may be the oldest thing we have found so far, a certificate from 1982 for being a Library Assistant! It was in a random box of miscellaneous papers. It’s not every day you are recognized for being a Library Assistant!


It didn’t take long to make progress in this closet.  You can now easily walk into it and get to the far right side without stepping on or over anything.


The games have been pared down and organized which allows for more room on the shelves for shoe storage.

after picture of closet

This is the view walking into the closet now and what the same area looked like before.

closet organized

Closet mess

This is the before and after of the space on the left side that is used for hanging clothes and storing shoes.Closet clutterhanging clothes

Since the was a spur-of-the-moment clean out, this is not the final stage of this closet. We will be removing the book shelf (pictured above) and will install a rod for hanging clothes to extend on the full left  side of the closet. Better shoe organization will also be added.

In the meantime, this is a much better and organized space that allows the teenager to get to her clothes and the family to access any games they want to play. And in case you were wondering, the teenager was very, very surprised and couldn’t believe the transformation. She is very happy with her new simplified space.