Karen Payne Home OrganizerI’m Karen, Owner of Simplified Home.

Are you feeling overwhelmed every time you walk into your closet, open a kitchen cabinet or walk into your kid’s playroom? I completely understand and would love to help you get the chaos out of your house.

Your home should be the place where you feel the most peace and calm, not crazy and stressed. When things pile up or don’t have a place to be put away, the clutter can become overwhelming. I will work with you to create a home you feel relaxed in and put systems in place to help keep you organized after I am done.

I have a professional career in business and marketing and most recently owned and managed a franchise. I have always loved organizing and Starting Simplified Home has allowed me to make a career shift into a more creative field to work one-on-one helping clients. I don’t judge anyone’s state of home and ensure that my client’s never feel embarrassed by any of their spaces. My goal is to help you have the simplified home you want to live in.

Don’t put off getting your home organized any longer. I would love to work with you today!

Have a simplified day,